Magical Childhood

Today I was perusing Pinterest. Amongst the crochet, recipes, and organization pins, I saw a pin with the title “How to Make Losing Baby Teeth More Magical”. Of course, it was accompanied by the sweet face of a little girl pointing at her 1st lost tooth.

My first thought…

Oh my gosh!!! How many moments do I need to make magical for each of my kids!?!? 

One more milestone to make me feel like a slacker. Yeah… I got my oldest a little pillow that she can put her tooth in for the tooth fairy to find. I didn’t sprinkle special dust, or write a little note, or make some teeny footprints to show the fairy had come. She is lucky I remembered to put money in the pillow pocket in exchange for her tooth. That is about as much as I can handle. My 2nd and 3rd will be lucky if they even see any cash (because I know me).
Magical moments will happen in my children’s lives. But they aren’t going to have a Pinterest Prefect childhood. I’ll have to work on not feeling guilty about it.


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