Favorite Child

People are always so cautious to admit that they have a favorite child.

Not me. I TOTALLY have a favorite child.

It’s the child that I am having one-on-one time with right NOW.

Most of the time my kids are running around the house, making a bunch of noise, annoying each other. Annoying me. However, when I get to be with one of my kids, and have some time all by ourselves, I remember all of their great attributes. They aren’t trying to outdo each other for their parent’s attention. They don’t have someone bugging them. We just get to be US.

I have been taking my girls with me when I go to the grocery store instead of going once they are in bed. I don’t know WHY I started doing this, because all they do is run up an down the aisles, look for samples, and ask to go to the bathroom. (There MUST be a bathroom stop in the grocery store ever since they found out there is a public bathroom there. I don’t really believe they actually have to go to the bathroom. It’s just part of their routine now.)

As a beginner couponer, I am not as adept at it as those Super Couponers that have their own television show. I would love to get there, but I just don’t have the time and energy for that. Couponing makes my time at the store double. I have to make sure the sizes and types of product are within the requirements of the coupon, thus making it imperative that I READ the coupon carefully, as well as read the container of the products to make sure they match up. I do this while saying, “No. You can’t get that treat.” “COME BACK HERE! You can’t race each other down the aisle!” “Do not climb behind the toilet paper!” Yeah… I’m that Mom in the store.

A couple of days ago, I almost snuck out of the house to go grocery shopping without any of my kids. One was upstairs napping, the other two were watching a kid show on the TV while Dad napped on the couch. I just about made it out the door, but my “deaf until she wants something” daughter heard me open the front door and was there asking me where I was going before I even reached for the storm door handle. She wanted to come. So I relented.

And she was great! She stayed in “the tank” (the grocery cart with the kid car attached to the front). She asked for samples nicely when we went to the deli counter. She only asked for Oreos once. And even forgoed the bathroom break. She sang happily to herself while I found the 20 oz ketchup (not the 18.5 oz), and all the other groceries. Then on our way home she talked to me about how excited she was to be starting school, that she is changing her favorite color, and that she loves spending time with me. (Aw… I need to do this more often.)

Once we got home, the little guy was awake (as was the big guy). The excitement of getting to the pool made the house messy, loud, and chaotic. Our hour of togetherness ended.

I’ll change my favorite child next time I get some one-on-one time with one of them.


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