Losing myself


MORE Nutella Ritz sandwiches? Liv & Maddie AGAIN? ANOTHER post lunch bath?

When I shop, either online or in the store, I am either looking for items for the kids, or for the household. When I cook, everyone else eats first and I’m just getting started when everyone else is asking for dessert. Somehow, even though I get in the shower first, I am ready last. All because I have changed diapers, changed their outfits, brushed their hair, and put on their shoes before I have even blown my hair dry (or even put on a shirt).

Yesterday, I sat down to watch a one and a half hour long documentary. After getting up 3 times to get people drinks, been jumped on 25 times, asked to be logged in to the computer 5 times, and have one child stand in front of me and jump out of a play tunnel for 2 minutes straight (yes! I must act surprised every time she jumps out), I gave up. It was 25 minutes in, and I had seen about 5 minutes of content.

I don’t read books anymore. I listen to books when I drive to work, or pick the kids up from school, or when I am doing the dishes. But actually picking up a real life book, and turning the pages. Yeah… I haven’t done that in months. I only attempt to read a REAL book if I know it is something that I can put down for weeks at a time and pick right up where I left off.

When was the last time I went out on a date with my husband? Who knows? I can’t remember. I can’t remember what we did, or where we went. I’m fairly positive that it was dinner and a movie. Or maybe just a movie, because we probably ate at home with the kids before we snuck out of the house.

Yeah… I know… I know… Enjoy it while it lasts… Right?


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