This is why I work

I read this article today, and it touched many similar thoughts and feelings that I have had about being a working mother.

Our circumstances are not the same. I work because that is what my husband and I decided would work best for our family. We definitely wanted someone to be at home with our kids. When we started our family, I was making more than my husband. He was commuting MUCH to far already and his paycheck would cover little more than daycare would cost. For the sake of our sanity and bank account, we decided that I would continue to work.

I work, not because I am passionate about the work I am doing. But because I feel fulfilled by doing work, and doing a good job.

I work because I never want to worry about having to go back to work. I always want to be a viable money-maker. I don’t want to have to think about how to keep my skills up so when my children are grown I can go back to work.

I work, because I don’t want my girls to think that the only option for them is to be a mom. If they want to be a stay-at-home mom when they get older. GREAT! I just don’t want them to think that it is what they are destined for and only have that as their goal. I want them to develop themselves and the things they are passionate about, and not hold back. Also, while most people do get married and start a family, it isn’t always how things happen. I want my daughters to be self-sufficient and be able to take care of themselves, whether they get married or not.

I work, because I want my son to have respect for women. I want him to have an example of a woman who works outside of the home, and so that it will not be unusual to him to encounter working mothers. He will have plenty of examples of men doing this throughout his life.

The attached article states, “I work because even at your young age you’ve absorbed the subtle message that women’s work is less important and valuable — and that the moms who really love their kids don’t do it.” Yup. Ditto.

My kids sometimes complain that I work too much. But I work for more reasons, than for food, shelter, and healthcare. I work because it’s good for all of us.



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