Why blasphemous?

Motherhood is so often stated as being “sacred”. Well, sometimes motherhood doesn’t feel like a sacred state of being. Most of the time being a parent is just hard. How often does one think, “I love you, but I don’t like you” when dealing with their kids. (Actually, in those moments I really don’t feel love for them at all. It’s the next moment that I remember that I would be a disaster if something happened to one of them.)

This morning, after being woken up several times during the night from the hacking coughs of my kids from opposite¬†corners of the house, I was thrilled¬†to be able to leave for work. As I kissed my husband (SAHD) at the door, he said, “I wish I were you today.” I couldn’t help but smile and giggle a little in giddiness as I walked toward my car. I don’t have to listen to the coughing, whining, and screaming today. I don’t have to make everyone lunch, deal with fighting, or change a single diaper!

I didn’t have to come in to work today. I could have worked from home, as I do most days. But I DIDN’T! (Insert devilish smile here.)

In just a few hours, I will have to leave a little early to go to my daughters “Meet the Teacher” at her school. But until then, I am going to enjoy my child-free hours.

Motherhood really doesn’t feel sacred all that much. Sometimes it can actually feel hellish. But… when your kid learns something new and is so excited… Or when your toddler wants to snuggle up and put his face in your neck… It can be heavenly.